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(*N.B * this offer applies to 10kg bags only. Old offer still applies to 12kg bags.)

ESSENTIAL NAUTICAL LIVING is our no-compromise grain free meal for adult dogs of all breeds. As the name suggests, NAUTICAL LIVING is packed with fresh salmon, trout, herring and the season’s fish. Our ingredients are of the highest quality; a quality you’ll learn to expect from ESSENTIALS. The meal follows our BOF principle. 

Itchy or matt coat: NAUTICAL LIVING is particularly high in OMEGA-3 fatty acids, which can help improving skin and fur irritations

  • Grain Free Dog Food

    100% Grain Free

  • Hypoallergenic Dog food

    Coat Boost

  • High Fish Content Hypoallergenic Dog Food

    >Made with minimum 77% salmon‚ trout‚ herring and eggs

  • BOF Approved Dog Food

The Kibble size in the 10kg bag is best suited to medium, large and giant dogs. For small dogs the 2.5kg bag with its smaller kibble is best.

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