ESSENTIALS FOODS is probably very different from anything else you might have come across.

Our mission is to improve and prolong the lives of dogs. Yours, hers, his, theirs, ours, mine.

That's really why you should try us. Grain-free, heaps of fresh protein sources, low preparation temperatures, blood-sugar stabilising, best in test, herbs/berry/probiotic ingredients, expert advice service, and not at least attractive prices, are all hands-on reasons why ESSENTIALS is the obvious choice.

The truth, though, is that you can't really describe the results we create until you have experienced them.


Gradually introduce ESSENTIAL over 4-7 days or completely from day one. The most important thing is to adjust the daily feed amount to suit your dog. The common mistake is not reducing the total feed amount enough.

Overfeeding will result in softer stools.

Use the first 2-3 weeks to find the right feed amount. When the stools are firm and your dog has a satisfactory level of satiety, you've found the right feed amount.

Then just sit back and enjoy all the advantages of having chosen ESSENTIAL.

TIP!! Start by feeding your dog 10% less than usual and simply adjust the amount if needed

So come and join us, and become part of our mission to improve & prolong the lives of dogs.