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Grain Free Dog Food

Grain Free Dog Food : COMPOSITION

Fresh Chicken and Duck (34%), Dried Chicken and Duck (32%), Sweet Potato, Potato, Peas, Fresh Salmon and Trout (6.5%), Fresh Whole Egg (5%), Linseed (4%), Lucerne Sprout, Liver Stock, Pea Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals, MOS, FOS, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM (*All from Natural Sources), Cranberry, Akai, Blueberry, Mulberry, Apple, Tomato, Orange, Pear, Carrot, Spinach, Cauliflower, Seaweed, Marigold, Ginseng, Green Tea, Ginger.

  • Made with fresh and dried chicken, duck, salmon, trout, egg 78,0 %
  • Of which is fresh 45,0 %
  • Protein 33,0 %
  • Fat 13,0 %
  • Minerals/crude ash 8,0 %
  • Fiber: 4,5 %
  • Water 8,5 %
  • Omega6 2,2 %
  • Omega3 1,4 %
  • Calcium 1,8 %
  • Phosphorus 1,4 %
  • Glucosamine 0,09 %
  • Chondroitin 0,07 %
  • Kcal/Kg 3425,0


Behavioural Optimising Food (BOF) is the principle of restoring the dog's natural diet which means keeping the dog's blood sugar stable. Our very low preparation temperature preserves the nutritional value from our high quality raw ingredients and the kibble size ensures that the meal is always chewed and not swallowed whole.


We at ESSENTIAL FOODS welcome you. With the first bag, a lifestyle change begins regarding diet. You can introduce ESSENTIAL over a period of 4-7 days or directly from the first day. The first week of introduction, you may find that the dog has a little extra air in the intestines. This is because dogs, like humans, react to dietary changes. Stools are the same amount but may be a bit softer. After this adjustment period, you will enjoy all the benefits of choosing ESSENTIAL FOODS in both the short and long term. You are always welcome to contact us for advice and guidance.


Fresh chicken and duck, dried chicken and duck, sweet potato, potato, peas, fresh salmon and trout, fresh whole egg, linseed, lucerne sprout, liver stock, pea fiber, vitamins,minerals, MOS (mannan oligosaccarides), FOS(fructooligosaccharides), glucosamine, chondroitin,MSM (metylsulfonylmetan) cranberry, acai, blueberry,mulberry, apple, tomato, orange, pear, carrot, spinach,cauliflower, seaweed, marigold, ginseng, green tea, ginger.


90 degrees (°C).


Date, time and unique production number can be foundat the top of the bag.


The food should be stored in a cool, dry place (5-18 °C);away from direct sunlight and in an air tight container.This will ensure the last meal tastes as good as the first.


Most dogs can's resist the taste of ESSENTIALS, however it can happen that they do not eat up. This is not because they are picky eaters, but because ESSENTIALS gives a different feeling of 'feeling full' - The dog is simply 'full' . If your dog is very picky, try adding a bit of warm water over the feed.

Grain Free Dog Food diet

We know that your pup is a part of the family, and we want to make sure they’re eating healthy. That’s why we created our grain free dog food.

It’s made with real meat, vegetables, and fruit for a balanced diet that will keep your pup happy and healthy.

Your dog deserves the best. That's why we created a grain-free, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet for dogs that are overweight or have a reoccurring tendency to be overweight. Castrated or sterilized dogs, as these dogs often have different dietary requirements.

Grain Free Dog Food is becoming more popular among pet owners. It is a type of dog food that does not contain grains, and instead contains other types of protein. Grain Free Dog Food can be a healthier option for dogs because it can help with allergies, skin problems, and digestion. Grain free dog food is important for a dog's health. It can help avoid many of the health problems that are caused by grains.

Contour is the best Grain Free Dog Food that's perfect for your dog's sensitive stomach. Contour is made with high-quality, protein-rich ingredients that are easy to digest. Contour is a complete and balanced diet for all life stages of your dog, including puppies and senior dogs. With Contour, you can be sure your pet will be healthier, happier and more energetic!

  • Dogs deserve the best!

  • Completely grain-free, so pets can enjoy the best health possible.

  • With a delicious, natural taste that's sure to make your pet jump for joy, you'll never find yourself regretting buying this product.

  • A complete diet that can help solve common dog health problems like allergies and digestive issues.