Essential Foods Ireland

Company : Thorn Pet Enterprises Ltd

Thornhill House, Thornhill, Birdhill Co Tipperary

CVR No.: 702573
Established: 2018


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When you order through ESSENTIAL FOODS, you should be aware that the agreement is not considered binding until you receive an automatic order confirmation from us. 

In the order confirmation, we reserve the event of unavailable and/or obsolete items, pricing errors and price increases. Unless otherwise stated in the title or description of the product, the language is English, which applies to the manual/user guide as well. Product images and descriptions on-page are indicative only and may be changed without notice by the manufacturer.

When shopping ESSENTIAL FOODS, the primary mean of communication is email. Information regarding orders, delivery, products etc. is primarily conducted though email and sent to the email address that the customer has specified on his or her profile. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that this email address is correct and that emails from ESSENTIAL FOODS are not sorted as spam. Please note that Hotmail and similar services usually have a spam filter attached, and these might sort automatically generated e-mails as spam. Therefore, make sure that the communication from ESSENTIAL FOODS is not moved to the spam folder.

In addition, ESSENTIAL FOODS use email to send relevant product information regarding the specific item(s) you have purchased from us. This might happen for example in a case where a general problem occurs that all buyers of a product should be informed about. All prices on ESSENTIAL FOODS include VAT and any other taxes, and in a similar manner, the shipping expenses are included in the price for purchases of €60 or more. A delivery fee of €7.50 is applied to orders of less than €60


You can pay using the following means of payment: VISA & MasterCard.

As a registered member and user of ESSENTIAL FOODS, your purchases are settled regularly as they are delivered. This means that we charge the price of a purchase from your credit card as soon as we ship the item(s).

For questions regarding your invoice, please contact our Customer Service. You receive a notification per. email once we have sent an item your way. Any objection must be made within four business days after this notification is sent.

If you pay by credit card, you are always protected against abuse. You have the option to reject a payment once you receive your statement. You are in no risk in the event that your credit card is misused in an e-shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system. You are thus better protected than in the physical world where you have a deductible of €160 when your credit card is abused using your PIN code. The data you submit when paying for a purchase using credit card is encrypted (SSL). Neither ESSENTIAL FOODS nor any others have the opportunity to collect the data.

The costs of goods are withdrawn continuously as we make deliveries to you. A larger amount than the one you approved of upon purchasing can never be deducted.


ESSENTIAL FOODS deliver using DPD. All shipments can be tracked. Delivery Rates are included in the price for purchases over €60 and it is therefore at no extra cost that we deliver to your address. Orders of less than €60 are applied a fee of €7.50. Delivery time depends on whether the product is in stock. Delivery of stock items is expected to take 1-2 working days. 

Once a product has been shipped, we will send you a shipment confirmation via email. This email is automatically generated. When you have received this confirmation, it means that the package has been picked up from our property and is on its way to the address you specified in the order. If the item has not arrived within 2 working days, you can contact ESSENTIAL FOODS customer service to initiate an inquiry of the item. After a 14-day period ESSENTIAL FOODS will consider your order safely arrived.

ESSENTIAL FOODS is not liable if an incorrect address entered upon ordering results in loss of the package.

Partial delivery is carried out on all orders at no additional cost. For example, if an order contains two items, one of which is in stock, this item will be shipped immediately. The final product will then be sent as soon as it is in stock. When performing partial delivery, we withdraw the amount of each delivery on the day the package is sent out from here. However, please note that orders containing bundle offers are not sent until all items of the order are available.

If a product is in back order, you will automatically receive updates regarding delivery whenever we get new information from the manufacturer, so you always have the same information as us.


You have the right to return your purchase according to the law of Consumer Contracts. However, the product must be returned to us within 31 days after you received it. The item must be returned in the same condition as when you received it. If you regret the purchase of a bundle, all parts of the bundle must be returned as a bundle is considered a single product. It is not possible to cancel the purchase of part of a bundle item.

The product must be sent securely in protective packaging.

In some cases, when you utilize the right to return, you must pay the shipping costs for the package to be sent back to us. Repayment well be made as soon as possible once we have received the product and verified that it meets the conditions for return. Please also forward/enclose your account and reg. no. so we can transfer the money directly to your account.

Returns are handled continuously as they are received. If your product has not come back to you, or if you do not hear from us within 9 days, please contact us. Please note, returns sent by COD will NOT be accepted!



Thornhill House, Thornhill, Birdhill Co Tipperary

According to the Consumer Law, a 24-month warranty is applied to all products. This warranty means that you as a customer can complain about deficiencies of the product, which occurred up to 24 months after purchase. However, it is a prerequisite that these defects are not caused by your incorrect use of the product or other injurious behaviour that has led to the error/defect. You must complain within a reasonable timeframe after you have found the defect/error. If you complain within 2 months, the complaint is always considered timely. We'll pick up the product at no cost to you, and this is coordinated with our customer service.


If you receive a package that carries visible signs of damage during transit, it is important that you receive the package with reservations, or alternatively open the package while the carrier's staff is watching. If the contents have been damaged, you need to make a claim for the damages with the shipping company. It is important that you object immediately to the condition of the package and do not acknowledge the receipt without reservation.

It is also possible to refuse receiving a damaged package. It will then be sent back to us as a return. If the damage is not visible upon reception, you can still make a claim for damages. However, be sure to contact ESSENTIAL FOODS or the carrier as soon as possible, because after a few days they are no longer willing to replace a damaged product. In any case, it is clearly advantageous to make a compensation claim as soon as the damage is discovered.