ESSENTIAL the PANTHER is a complete grain-free meal for cats, tailor-made for three unique lifestyles and stages. Please read on, the PANTHER might be just what you and your cat are looking for to unlock life’s fullest potential. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here at ESSENTIALS for each and every one we proudly get to serve our meals to.

Buy 4 bags for €90 plus free delivery. 

This can be mixed with any of our cat foods to make up 4 bags.

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The ingredients at a glance: 70% salmon & white fish.
Perfect for sterilised/neutered cats, indoor/inactive/weight-loss lifestyles and older/senior cats (7+ years).
We love the meal ourselves because regardless of the lifestyle led by your cat and the stage of life it is at he or she will enjoy the fact that each and every kibble is made from an abundance of delicious seafood.
BOF: Packed with seafood, the PANTHER is most certainly BOF-approved.
Choose it because it can make a true difference for your cat, if he or she has a lifestyle or is at a life stage with certain nutritional requirements.

High Meat Content

High Meat Content

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