ESSENTIAL SUPERIOR LIVING is our unique grain free dog food prepared with fresh chicken and duck. This meal is for adult dogs of all breeds and is formulated to support normal activity levels. Our ingredients are of the highest quality; a quality you’ll learn to expect from ESSENTIALS. The meal follows our BOF principle. 

Fresh Chicken and Duck (32%), Dried Chicken and Duck (30%), Sweet Potato, Peas, Fresh Salmon and Trout (7%), Linseed (5%), Fresh Whole Egg (5%), Chicken Fat (4%), Potato, Liver Stock, Lucerne Sprout, Vitamins, Minerals, MOS, FOS, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM (*All from Natural Sources), Cranberry, Akai, Blueberry, Mulberry, Apple, Tomato, Orange, Pear, Carrot, Spinach, Cauliflower, Seaweed, Marigold, Ginseng, Green Tea, Ginger

You can create more variety by occasionally serving ESSENTIAL NAUTICAL LIVING and ESSENTIAL ESTATE LIVING.

  • High Meat Content Dog Food

    Made with minimum 74% eggs‚ chicken‚ duck‚ salmon and trout

  • Grain Free Dog Food

    100% Grain Free dog food

  • Bof Approved Dog Food

    BOF Approved

  • Cage Free Chicken Dog Food
  • Cage Free chicken

The Kibble size in the 10kg bag is best suited to medium, large and giant dogs. For small dogs the 3kg bag with its smaller kibble is best.

Chapter 1:Unlocking the Benefits of Feeding Superior Living 10kg to Your Canine Companion


In today's world, where pet care has evolved into a science, we, as devoted pet owners, recognize the paramount significance of providing our dogs with top-tier nutrition to safeguard their health and longevity. With this commitment in mind, the spotlight shines on Superior Living 10kg dog food, an unparalleled option in the domain of canine nutrition.

Nutritional Composition

Superior Living 10kg transcends the ordinary. It stands as a testament to meticulous formulation, boasting a remarkable protein content of 30.0% and a finely balanced fat content of 18.0%. This meticulously calculated blend ensures optimal muscle growth, sustained energy levels, and overall vitality for our beloved pets. Moreover, its optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids works wonders for maintaining healthy skin and a lustrous coat, ensuring our canine companions exude radiance from within.

High-Quality Ingredients

At the core of Superior Living 10kg lies an unwavering commitment to excellence. Its ingredient list reads like a culinary masterpiece, featuring a harmonious fusion of fresh and dried chicken, duck, salmon, trout, and eggs—a symphony of animal-based proteins essential for canine health. Complemented by wholesome additions such as sweet potato, peas, and linseed, this dog food offers flavors and textures, all while promoting digestive health and facilitating optimal nutrient absorption. With Superior Living 10kg, our furry friends are treated to nothing but the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

Behavioural Optimizing Food (BOF) Principle

A defining characteristic of Superior Living 10kg lies in its unwavering adherence to the Behavioural Optimizing Food (BOF) principle. Unlike conventional pet foods that undergo harsh processing methods, this exceptional dog food is prepared at a low temperature, preserving the nutritional integrity of its ingredients. Furthermore, the carefully crafted kibble size encourages chewing, promoting dental health and preventing our dogs from gulping down their meals whole. By embracing the BOF principle, Superior Living 10kg ensures that each meal is a delightful experience, meticulously tailored to optimize our canine companions' well-being.

Gradual Introduction

Transitioning to a new diet can pose challenges for our dogs. Recognizing this, pet owners are advised to introduce Superior Living 10kg gradually over a span of 4-7 days. This gradual transition period allows dogs to acclimate to their new dog food, minimizing the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort and ensuring a seamless transition. Furthermore, pet owners can seek guidance from the manufacturer during this period, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition for our beloved pets.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Feeding our dogs Superior Living 10kg is not merely about providing them with sustenance; it's an investment in their long-term health and well-being. The balanced nutritional profile of this exceptional dog food supports optimal weight management, mitigating the risk of obesity-related ailments such as diabetes and joint strain. Moreover, the incorporation of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM fosters joint health and mobility, offering invaluable support, especially for senior dogs or breeds prone to musculoskeletal issues. With Superior Living 10kg, we can bestow upon our furry companions the gift of a healthier, happier life.

Natural Ingredients and Antioxidants

Superior Living 10kg distinguishes itself with its unwavering commitment to utilizing only the finest natural ingredients. From antioxidant-rich fruits like cranberry, acai, and blueberry to immune-boosting herbs like ginseng, every component of this dog food serves a purpose. These natural wonders not only elevate the flavor and palatability of the dog food but also furnish essential nutrients and antioxidants, fortifying the immune system and shielding against oxidative stress. With Superior Living 10kg, we nourish our dogs from the inside out, ensuring their overall health and vitality.

Digestive Health and Nutrient Absorption

A robust digestive system lays the foundation for overall health and vitality. Recognizing this, Superior Living 10kg is enriched with prebiotics such as MOS (mannan oligosaccharides) and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) to cultivate a thriving gut microbiome. These prebiotics act as a fuel source for beneficial gut bacteria, enhancing digestion and optimizing nutrient absorption. As a result, our dogs experience fewer digestive issues and derive maximum nutritional value from their meals. With Superior Living 10kg, we foster optimal digestive health, ensuring our dogs savor each meal to the fullest.

Storage and Feeding Guidelines

Preserving the freshness and nutritional integrity of Superior Living 10kg is paramount. To achieve this, it's imperative to adhere to proper storage and feeding guidelines. Store the dog food in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct sunlight, and seal the bag tightly after each use. Additionally, follow the feeding guidelines provided by the manufacturer, customizing portion sizes based on your dog's weight and activity level. By adhering to these simple yet crucial steps, every meal becomes a nourishing experience for your dog.

Suitability for Picky Eaters

Even the most discerning of palates succumb to the irresistible allure of Superior Living 10kg. However, for dogs exhibiting picky eating habits, a simple adjustment can work wonders. Adding a splash of warm water to the dog food enhances its palatability, enticing even the fussiest of eaters to indulge in their meals. With Superior Living 10kg, mealtime becomes a joyous occasion, free from the strife of picky eating battles.

Overall Well-Being and Quality of Life

At the heart of it all, our primary goal is to ensure the happiness, health, and prosperity of our beloved dogs. By prioritizing their nutritional needs and opting for Superior Living 10kg, we take a significant stride towards achieving this goal. From bolstering digestion and joint health to fostering a glossy coat and a resilient immune system, the benefits of feeding Superior Living 10kg transcend mere sustenance. With Superior Living 10kg, we grant your dogs the gift of a vibrant, fulfilling life.


In summation, Superior Living 10kg transcends the realm of ordinary dog food. It embodies a commitment to excellence, setting the gold standard in canine nutrition. From its meticulously curated ingredients to its unwavering adherence to the BOF principle, Superior Living 10kg stands as a testament to superior quality and unparalleled efficacy. By incorporating this premium dog food into our pets' daily regimen, we ensure they receive the essential nutrients required to thrive, paving the way for a life filled with boundless vitality and joy.

Chapter 2: Unveiling the Advantages of Grain-Free Dog Food

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in how we approach our dogs nutrition. A prominent trend that has gained traction is opting for grain-free dog food. This chapter delves into the myriad benefits linked with grain-free dog food diets for canines, shedding light on why this dietary preference has surged in popularity among pet parents and veterinary professionals alike.

Understanding the perks of grain-free dog food entails grasping what constitutes such a diet. Essentially, grain-free dog food is crafted sans common grains like wheat, corn, soy, and rice. Instead, these formulations lean on alternative carbohydrate sources such as sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, or chickpeas to furnish dogs with requisite energy and fiber.

One of the primary upsides of grain-freedog food is its potential to mitigate the risk of allergies and food sensitivities. Grains like wheat and corn are frequent allergens for dogs, triggering an array of health issues such as skin irritation, itching, digestive woes, and ear infections. By excluding these potential triggers from a dog's diet, there's a notable reduction in allergic reactions, enhancing overall well-being.

Moreover, grain-free dog food often boasts elevated protein levels sourced from animals like chicken, beef, fish, or lamb. Protein plays a pivotal role in maintaining lean muscle mass, facilitating healthy growth, and sustaining energy levels, especially in active dogs. By prioritizing protein-rich constituents and minimizing grain-derived carbohydrates, grain-free diets emulate dogs' natural dietary inclinations, which predominantly revolve around meat and animal proteins.

Another advantage of grain-free dog food is its potential to bolster digestion and gastrointestinal health. Given dogs' carnivorous nature, their digestive systems are adept at processing animal proteins and fats rather than grains and plant-based ingredients. Consequently, grain-free dog food formulations are gentler on dogs' stomachs, curbing issues like bloating, gas, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Additionally, the heightened fiber content from alternative sources like fruits, veggies, and legumes fosters regularity and healthy bowel movements.

Furthermore, grain-free dog food may be advantageous for dogs grappling with specific health conditions like diabetes or obesity. Given that grains harbor high carbohydrate content, they can precipitate blood sugar spikes. Transitioning to a grain-free dog food regimen helps regulate insulin response and aids in weight management. By furnishing a balanced diet that prioritizes protein and healthy fats over carbohydrates, grain-free dog food fosters a healthy body weight and diminishes the risk of obesity-related ailments.

Besides bolstering physical health, grain-free dog food augments skin and coat health. Many grain-free dog food formulas incorporate omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from sources like fish oil, flaxseed, or coconut oil, vital for maintaining supple skin and a glossy coat. These fatty acids possess anti-inflammatory properties that assuage itching, dryness, and irritation linked with skin allergies or conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

Additionally, grain-free dog food can contribute to overall dental health and oral hygiene. Given their denser and chewier nature, grain-free dog food formulations aid in mechanically cleansing dogs' teeth and gums as they chew. Furthermore, certain grain-free dog food options feature ingredients like parsley, mint, or chlorophyll, boasting natural breath-freshening properties and combating plaque and tartar buildup.

It's imperative to acknowledge that while grain-free dog food offers manifold benefits, it may not be suitable for every dog. Some canines may thrive on diets incorporating grains, especially if devoid of known allergies or sensitivities. Additionally, discerning the quality of ingredients and nutritional balance is paramount when selecting dog food, whether grain-free dog food or not. 

In conclusion, grain-free dog food presents a plethora of potential benefits for dogs across all age groups and breeds. From mitigating allergy risks and facilitating better digestion to fortifying overall health and vitality, grain-free dog food diets represent a paradigm shift in canine nutrition. By comprehending the merits of grain-free dog food nutrition and opting for premium formulations tailored to specific dietary requirements, pet parents can pave the way for a gratifying, enduring, and healthy life for their cherished companions.

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Customer Reviews

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Jill W
Superior Living 10kg bag

Our collie loves this food and her coat is so healthy from this food.

Mariya Ivanova

We have recently relocated with my labrador to Ireland and I am so happy that I was able to find Essential Superior Living food available here as well. My dog loves it and I see how it keeps her healthy and full of energy.

Linda , Sligo
Love this stuff!

My dog has never been happier or healthier since switching to superior living. His coat is shinier, his energy levels are higher, and he absolutely loves mealtime. Worth every penny:)

John Leonard
Amazing dog food

I just want to say that I changed my 2 golden retrievers to this food, superior living and the change within 1 months has been amazing. They are so more active now and look great, and the itchy skin and smelly farts are gone. 10 out of 10 😊👍🏻

Thanks so much for your kind review John, we wish you and your guys lots of fun days together

Great food

Was looking for a good quality grain free food for my dogs and finally found it. My two love this food and are doing great on it.

Thanks kerry, great to hear